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Corporate: 3601 N Market St. Shreveport, LA 71107 .
Modules, Computers Programmed & Flashed Onsite at Your Location
(318) 780-1991
Shreveport, LA Corporate Office
Looking to get into a business that will only get busier. With all the new technology coming out everyday in these new cars someone has to be able to Diagnose and Program them. Mobile-Diag can. We are looking for dependable owners or technicians for nationwide locations. Call Steve Today @ 318-780-1991 for information about opening up in your town!
**We can diagnosis your automobile, repair / change and reprogram the modules that are bad onsite.
**Saving you lots of $$$$ off the dealership rate and we come to you NO NEED TO TOW!!!

**100% Mobile Diagnostics Service with emailed report.

**Latest updated diagnostics scanner, able to do almost every make and model.
Made in The USA